Leaves are whirling in the sunlight
Taking pleasure in the freedom
The best moment of their being
The grand final, Their last flight
All is going to be over
They'll be fallen to the ground
In the dirt for being trampled
Destiny that they will find
Life it is nothing more than season
only moment of everlasting
Life is nothing more than dying
I would die like a falling star
All I want is to be with you
My last flight for a single night
I want to kiss and embrace you
even though I shall die

12 октября 1999г

In Your Eyes 

In your eyes I see blue heaven
And dark abysm underneath
In your eyes we are together
within this darkened frightening depth
In your eyes I see my future
My destiny, my life and death
In your eyes I see the fire
And I'm watching (with ) bated breath
Around us the darkness falling
with fragments of reality
The end of our world is coming
Accompanied by insanity
Chaos, blood of innocent people
Screams of the children unborn
Fire's melting stones and metal
the dark is devouring our world
We shall dance till the world is over
we'll be among deformed remains
We shall burn in lust forever
while all around is burning in flames
We shall dance while earth is dying
We'll see the end of the universe
We will laugh instead of crying
At the rage of the deathstorm
We shall dance while stars are falling
We'll be the ones who came it through
lightnings came down, split the ground
winds of death took all we knew
In your eyes I see desire
All my dreams and reverie
In your eyes I see the fire
apart we shall never be
Darkness of the non-existence
Swallowed up the ruin of earth
Slowly slipping away last pieces
Into eternal nothingness
In your eyes I see no fear
Only love does not fear death
For the last moment we'll be together
We shall dance till our last breath

12 октября 1999г.

Творящий Благо

Ты бродил один без роду и племени
Ты прожил свой век среди голодных псов
Ты познал все зло святой добродетели
Мудро рассудил что ты совсем никто
Ты нашел свой дом в подземной обители
Ты творил добро, но всюду было зло
На закате дней своих ты понял лишь истину
Невозможно разделить добро и зло

И большие рыбы всегда жрут маленьких
И не тебе решать что есть хорошо

Но ты лечил калек и слепцов делал зрячими
И узрел их алчный похотливый взгляд
Излечил больных, проказы снял бремя с них
И они живут средь злата и вина
Ты дал красоту отверженной нищенке
Ныне куртизанка в золотом дворце
Слишком поздно осознал слова Заратустры ты
«Всегда разрушитель кто становится творцом»

Только слабый взгляд и мозг человеческий
неспособны охватить весь круг целиком
И мы делим то, что всегда было целостно
на черное и белое, на добро и зло
А они идут, смеясь, всегда рука об руку
В вечном равновесии их вечная жизнь
Нет среди людей способных пройти твой путь
Ты понес свой крест и дал себя казнить

(Честная смерть лучше позорной жизни)
Но ученики не вняли гласу учителя
И пошли вперед неверною тропой
Навсегда оставшись ничтожной пародией
все творят «добро» прикрываясь тобой
Дайте же свободу томящимся в камерах
Дайте крылья тем кто хочет улететь
Христианству власть, а слабым оружие
И сгинет человечество в борьбе за свет

19 октября 1999г

To Gillian 

Go away the light of day. Avaunt!
I can not like you whilst I am alone
Look at my cell adown down below
Lo and behold there is the surge of love
I want you to be mine inside my shrine
And I believe that thou shalt be my bride
No one could ever make me feel the flame
within my heart but thee
A cloud of grief is in my own air
North wind nor sunlight could dispel my dole
Didst my heart love till now? I have ne'er felt
Emotions that could burn my bleeding soul
Ressurection! Thy beauty woke me up
Should I try to take thee or deny?
Only you my fate I see it clear
None of girls could e'er take my soul
I want to be a sand beneath thy feet
Like wind I wish to fly through thy red hair
Oh Darling how I long for thy pink lips

Oh Let me feel the warmth of thy light body
Embrace me, love me, make the dream come true
Your eyes behind the eaves are looking through
O Goddess tell me how to win thy heart
Unveil the secret, and I'll be thy god
Give me thyself, be water in the drought
of my lovesick soul. Give me strength and power
feel'st thou not thy soul long for me
Seest thou not that I am all thou needst
Enchained our hearts forever and a day
Say you love me and nothing more I need
Say you want me darling, reach out for my hand
take my soul, take my breath

20 октября 1999г.

Knight's Destiny 

I. I am the knight
Throughout my life I ride and fight
King. Lord of my world
Has blessed my sword and sent me to war
Win. e'en if I win
I can not be with the woman I need
For us, I have to fight
In the name of king until I die

Tilt yard still remember all my wins
My charger looks for battlefields
I spill the blood, I burn the lands
Not God's nor King's name I do proclaim
I deify the name of love
I glorify my queen of heart
I dedicate my wins to her
My life and everything I do

Run, my enemies
Now you can see the name upon my shield
Let, let them who hath
understanding, read the sign of death
Die, Die everyone
For the glory of my ladylove
I, I bring her name
On my lance's point into heathen lands

Fall down on thy knees before the Queen
Or die for the glory of her, be it so!
Gods! Bless my sword, support me in the way I go!

29 октября 1999г ТЭЦ5

Name of Goddess 

I have come from days of yore
Through years and centuries
I glorified the name of Queen
Everywhere I have already been

Seven symbols of her name
Seven ways through endless flames
Seven seals and seven sins
seven angels, seven demons
Seven years of loneliness
Seven meetings with own death
Name of goddess is all my wealth
It flies with me in dragon's scorching breath

Seven ravens above my head
The reapers of the ill I spread
Bow down before the goddess name
Praise the Queen and you'll be saved
So fly my dragon spread your wings
Inhale the might of seven winds
Supremacy belongs to the Queen
the like of which has never been seen

I'm calling out her name
ever and ever again
Seven symbols of her name

29 октября 1999г ТЭЦ5

Don't Cry 

Thousands miles 'tween us there are
Thousands years of rigid laws
of prejudices and unwritten rules
I ride 'n' fight to be where you are
because in this life we apart
and other knight now kiss your lips

Life is nothing more than play
Alas! But this play was miscast
I've got the role of a knight to act
Hamlet playing Don Quixeot
While the world plays Juliet and Romeo
For never was a story of more woe

Don't cry for me my lover, and I will not cry too
Save your tears for the day when I shall come for you
Trust me and do not cry, Someday my time will come
I promise you my only love, that I will come for you

With a lance against a sea of troubles
Through arrows of outrages fortune
I ride 'n' fight against misfortunes
and where I lay my head is home
Knight errant roving in sunset lands
my only way without an end


In a dream I'm reaching out
my arms to fold around your waist
to be the one who feel the flames
when I kiss your burning mouth
Ask not to be or not to be
of course to be 'tis my belief

To be with the only one you need
For aye together with your love
I fight for ladylove I've missed
I'll never stop while I breathe
It is my only way to be
Towards the sunset for my Queen

6 ноября 1999г

The Mourning Bell 

«И вот любовь! чем хороша она
Когда из рая сделать ад вольна»
У.Шекспир «Сон в летнюю ночь» акт 1 с.1

I can't break away from thy spell
And I know not what now to do
'cause I have heard the wedding bells
And this broke my heart in two
She call him friend and he embrace her
I'm late. I've missed my only love
And great disaster hath occurred
The light is gone and the darkness come
What have you done? Why so soon
Thou crucified my pure love
Till now I hear this wedding bells
But in my ears it sounds like a knell
Thou sentenced me to calvary
Thy words “I DO” still scar my heart
with bitter poison fill my blood
But “Love you” I still want to say

If only thou coudst ever know
How much, my darling, I Love you
I love you - is all I have to say
and I repeat it like a prayer

6 ноября 1999г

Queen's Daughter 


Come to me princess and heed what I say
Come closer to fire, I'll show thee the way
Fear me not child, I'm a wandering bard
I have something to tell thee about thy life
Someday you wilt see that thy childhood is gone
Reality will tear thee away from thy world
Illusions will die one after one
The world of thy sweet dreams will be turned inside out
And thou thyself shalt feel pain of betrayal
The loss of faith and ideals that failed
Thou shalt deny love to save children unborn
Remember my lesson once and forever more


-How canst thou say so odious things
it cannot be sooth I believe not in this


Believe not in God 'cos thou wilt not be saved
The church is disaster , the evil hath a name
Believe not in friendship thou wilt be betrayed
Believe not in tears all the world is a stage
Believe not in words the deception disguised
Never trust anyone whatever betide
Believe not in love for thou shalt be deceived
Be proud and never go down on thy knees


-is there any pure in the world that we live?
Surely there is some I want to believe!


Life outside is full of deadly sins
The laws are for the weak who cannot resist
the insolence of the rich, the spurns in disgust
The pangs of despised love, the hopes turned to dust
The proud man's contumely, smile's ever so rare
The strongest is right, the weaker should bear
Thou wilt hear the oath to bring down the star
That shalt not believe this, it could not be love
They need just thy favor , thy power, thy crown
They will creep around thee like snakes with nay sound
Like dogs they will look at thee with truly eyes
But thou hast only to fall, only once
Before them to die and forgotten to be
To see own demise, eyes full of greed
the higher the more thou wilt find deceit out
To find the sooth thou hast to fall down


-Why would I not search for the sooth in the books


If thou really want to , I suggest that thou could'st
But the wise man is he, who hath realized
That he's insignificant under the skies
There are many things thou can'st not understand
Look not too far it canst bring thee the pain
Thou wilt lose the faith and the meaning of being
Asking thyself to be or no to be
Thou could'st deny the rules of the play
To die or to fall, but naught ever to change


-if everyone's liar who's living up there
should I be searching for true love elsewhere?
Could I for a while descend from above
to find my only one, my truly love?


They'll never accept it and thou shalt be damned
They'll curse thee and throw the dirt after thee
'tis better to be the outcast than to shine
and to be a subject of contempt disguised
Thou wilt be the outcast in thy own realm
But if thou art a star , thou shalt to shine for them


-'tis better to live and keep the eyes closed
For never behold the whole smooth exposed


of course it is easier than be an honest man
For aye to be lying according with them


I won't ever lie!..


..O nay! Thou wilt!

For thou art the princess and thou shalt be Queen
The acting is the only way for thee to be


-I don't want to hear it, I'll take it nay more!
avaunt! And never come back anymore!




Nay! Begone! Please let me alone!


I'm trying to save thee, 'tis for thy behoof


-I have learned thy lesson. I don't believe you!


So run my princess away if thou can'st
To hide from the fears I spread in thyself
I've shown the nightmare, but nightmare that real
Go! run away and tremble with fear
'tis better to forget and never know why
wherefore thou fear, wherefore thou cry
I hope I'm mistaken and thou won't forget it
And in thy dreams my words would be remembered

8 ноября 1999г

Left To Die 

Постой не уходи, не оставляй меня здесь
Я не хочу умирать
Я не могу позабыть, я не могу не любить
Я не могу без тебя
Ты указала на дверь, ты прогнала меня прочь
И я покинул Эдем
Я остался один мне не нужна моя жизнь
я стал слеп, глух и нем
Я как увядший цветок мне не хватает тепла
Мне не хватает дождя
Все краски мира померкли меня окутала тьма
И свет отринул меня
Весь мир исчез для меня осталась только лишь боль
Лишь бесконечный кошмар
И я молюсь чтобы смерть пришла скорее за мной
и унесла меня в ад
Твой голос в шуме ветров зовет меня за собой
И я иду как слепой
Я всюду вижу тебя, но это только мираж
Мой разум бредит тобой
Я поднимаюсь в грязи, но только лишь затем
Чтоб вновь в нее упасть
Ты сердце вырвала мне, зияет рана в груди
кровоточит душа
Сильны удары кнута, так больно хлещет судьба
и шею режет петля
Я не могу без тебя как ждут в пустыне дождя
я жду твоей любви
Я для тебя уже мертв , забит гвоздями мой гроб
сырой забросан землей
И эпитафия мне в твоих прекрасных глазах
гласит - «он был — никто»
Моей грешной жизни угасает свеча
лишь надежда жива
Когда наступит мой час смерть придет за мной
мои последние слова
будут «Я люблю тебя»

1 октября 1998г

Если б Не Было Тебя

Не писал бы этих строк я
Не играл бы этих нот
Жизнь была бы грязно черной
Как запекшаяся кровь
Я б не видел ночью звезды
У реки б не ждал рассвет
Не ценил бы птичьих песен
Стук дождя в осенний день

И другим бы было небо
И другой была б земля
Мир бы не был так прекрасен
Если б не было тебя

Было б солнце просто солнцем
А любовь бесплотный звук
Жизнь - бессмысленный и мрачный
до могилы долгий путь
Было б не к чему стремиться
Жить в плену у пустоты
Но весь мир перевернулся
Когда в него явилась ты


15 июля 1999г

Angels of Twilight

It happens when the sun comes down
Growing dimmer the garish light
The darkness comes and all around
Drowns in velvet embrace of night
I hear your voice in the still whisper
of the caressing wind, so high
I see your eyes in a magic mirror
The mirror of the moonlit sky
My soul flies in a fairytale
Far from reality away
I wish I were asleep forever
And heard the music that muse plays
Last candle now is gone out
and darkness slowly dies away
Grey horizon is getting scarlet
New day begins and I awake

In my dream I can kiss you again
in my dream I hold your hand in mine
In my dream you have come to stay
In my dream you are my bride

My time is over, The sun has risen
I've got to return in my black hole
to look at the delightful angels
Who are the kings of the daylight world
For them I'm a rat, just one of those
Who crawls underneath their feet
But I adore the heavenly muse
Who's casted a glamour over me
I am bewitched by angels splendour
I wish I were dancing with her
I have no wings because who was born
To crawl, can't fly, It is the law
Alas! I'll never be an angel!
I'm the creature of the night
My destiny's to hide in shadows
and to admire from aside

In my dream you reach out for my hand
In my dream you turn away from the light
In my dream you stand on the blissful ground
In my dream you are my wife

The proud angels of the light
You do not even suspect
Whensoever twilight comes
The rat you saw- becomes a bat!
So stay with me my only love
We'll fly away fly through the night
You'll feel the power in your wings
I'm the dark angel nighttime prince
Forget the light and all your friends
You will belong to the darkest side
Do not look back do not regret
You'll be my queen so fly with me
You will fly in a silvery light
that the moon sends from the sky
Do you want to regain the sunlight?
Feel the power of the night!

In my world for you the moon does shine
In my world you'll know the real love
In my world we'll fly beneath the stars
In my world you;ll be forever mine

25 июня 1999г

Neverending Rain

the golden whirl of an autumnal eve
The enchanting waltz of falling leaves
before my eyes
Rustling dresses of whirling couples
dancing to the raindrops tapping
within my ears
I'm feeling lips that kiss me now
But this just rain on my tired face
and thirsty lips
On and on the rain falls down
Together with my tears
and no one cares

Neverending autumnal rain
everlasting fading away
Neverending autumnal rain
everlasting coming to an end

Forever dusk before my eyes
Eternal sadness in my soul
The emptiness within my mind
Inside my brains I have no thoughts
My hearts outside the way I go
My heart does not belong to me
No one cares where I go
Alone with my desires and dreams

Neverending autumnal rain
everlasting fading away
Neverending autumnal rain
everlasting coming to an end

on and on I call out your name
and when the echoes slowly fade
I hear the lament of the rain
mourning for my bitter fate
Bewailing my dreams and desires
The only one who cares about

Neverending autumnal rain
everlasting fading away
The autumnal elegy of neverending rain

7 октября 1999г