Everywhere and Nowhere


Если долго смотришь в бездну то бездна тоже смотрит в тебя”

Ф.Ницше «По ту сторону добра и зла»


Everywhere I went was my home

life was everything that I had

No one really cares where I am

No one to remember my name


I dwell in my grave still alone

Under the unspoken cold stone

In the womb of earth still alive

Joined the universe Who am I?


Through the emerald green shield of grass

Raindrops leak to wash my tired face

I can feel the warmth of the sun

Sending golden rays from above


I can hear the voices of the winds

I can hear the songs that birds sing

I can hear prayers but can not help

I rule the great realm but out there


I see everyone on the Earth

None can hear my words but those

Who lives in my way, way of love

with darkness and daylight in one blood


I'm with everyone who needs me

If you choose this way I can lead

To the universe to the entirety

Through the astral dreams, the worlds unseen


Everywhere and nowhere on earth

Through the fire the sweet water flows

The black velvet skies besprent with stars

raindrops in the air shining bright.


I can feel the pain of the men

Day for day they still kill themselves

I can feel the grief I pity them

Crying with the rain, with the dragon


Everything is one, the universe

Nature is a whole thing we're just parts

We are anything and nothing

Sometimes life's not enough to realize it


I can fly up high with a bird

I can cry at night with a girl

I can touch your skin with the wind

I can be with you in your dreams


14 февраля 2000