To Gillian


Go away the light of day. Avaunt!
I can not like you whilst I am alone
Look at my cell adown down below
Lo and behold there is the surge of love
I want you to be mine inside my shrine
And I believe that thou shalt be my bride
No one could ever make me feel the flame
within my heart but thee
A cloud of grief is in my own air
North wind nor sunlight could dispel my dole
Didst my heart love till now? I have ne'er felt
Emotions that could burn my bleeding soul
Ressurection! Thy beauty woke me up
Should I try to take thee or deny?
Only you my fate I see it clear
None of girls could e'er take my soul
I want to be a sand beneath thy feet
Like wind I wish to fly through thy red hair
Oh Darling how I long for thy pink lips

Oh Let me feel the warmth of thy light body
Embrace me, love me, make the dream come true
Your eyes behind the eaves are looking through
O Goddess tell me how to win thy heart
Unveil the secret, and I'll be thy god
Give me thyself, be water in the drought
of my lovesick soul. Give me strength and power
feel'st thou not thy soul long for me
Seest thou not that I am all thou needst
Enchained our hearts forever and a day
Say you love me and nothing more I need
Say you want me darling, reach out for my hand
take my soul, take my breath

20 октября 1999г.