Don't Cry 


Thousands miles 'tween us there are
Thousands years of rigid laws
of prejudices and unwritten rules
I ride 'n' fight to be where you are
because in this life we apart
and other knight now kiss your lips

Life is nothing more than play
Alas! But this play was miscast
I've got the role of a knight to act
Hamlet playing Don Quixeot
While the world plays Juliet and Romeo
For never was a story of more woe

Don't cry for me my lover, and I will not cry too
Save your tears for the day when I shall come for you
Trust me and do not cry, Someday my time will come
I promise you my only love, that I will come for you

With a lance against a sea of troubles
Through arrows of outrages fortune
I ride 'n' fight against misfortunes
and where I lay my head is home
Knight errant roving in sunset lands
my only way without an end


In a dream I'm reaching out
my arms to fold around your waist
to be the one who feel the flames
when I kiss your burning mouth
Ask not to be or not to be
of course to be 'tis my belief

To be with the only one you need
For aye together with your love
I fight for ladylove I've missed
I'll never stop while I breathe
It is my only way to be
Towards the sunset for my Queen

6 ноября 1999г