The Mourning Bell


                     «И вот любовь! чем хороша она
                      Когда из рая сделать ад вольна»
                      У.Шекспир «Сон в летнюю ночь» акт 1 с.1


I can't break away from thy spell
And I know not what now to do
'cause I have heard the wedding bells
And this broke my heart in two
She call him friend and he embrace her
I'm late. I've missed my only love
And great disaster hath occurred
The light is gone and the darkness come
What have you done? Why so soon
Thou crucified my pure love
Till now I hear this wedding bells
But in my ears it sounds like a knell
Thou sentenced me to calvary
Thy words “I DO” still scar my heart
with bitter poison fill my blood
But “Love you” I still want to say

If only thou coudst ever know
How much, my darling, I Love you
I love you - is all I have to say
and I repeat it like a prayer

6 ноября 1999г