Twilight of Gods


the world's decadance, twilight of gods

The truth has distorted, nightfall in minds

False becomes flesh and even genius

Nature was raped ,What's to surprise?


The world we live is living nightmare

The fall of culture and spirituality

the loss of pride, honor and loyalty

And I despise the humanity


Sky tears fall down heaven cries

The shroud of false is on our eyes

We search for the truth and can not find

But if we stop ,we all shall die.


Feel false's supremacy

Total conspiracy

The seal of secrecy

Conceals all I need to see


Feel the light before the darkness falls

Your eyes can tell the lie from the truth

Seek the way, the truth lives inside

Find it, care it, carry it through.


We have a hope while at least one candle burns

The light is growing dimmer, it's getting dark

The shroud of false. Twilight of gods

The truth of nature is the only one

It's gone refused, and now the darkness comes


15 декабря 2000