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Death is Everything You'll Find


So many deaths around
All over the world
Ideals are breakin down
the culture is full of rot
Don't you see what's going on?
The end is already near
people want to live on
but no one can be a leader
Future is a nuclear war
present is bloody killings
blood flows every day
nobody's able to stop this
Violence makes violence
An eye for an eye
blood for blood, and fire's
burning down the world of lie

What is good, what is evil?
What is the colour of you skin?
Blood flows like a river
The church is the nest of sin!
The crusades are the mercy killings
Murder for the sake of god
Killings for the sake of killings
pleasures, money and blood
What do you see on your way?
Death is everything you'll find
live trapped in the corner
or just go out of mind
Existence is just many ways
A lot of ways to die
Lunatic suicidal race
drowning in drugs

Mass hysteria state
Search for the land of free
try escape from fate
into transcedendtal reality
They come to the setting sun
And fall down from the height
It seems to them they could fly
Illusions of twisted mind, paradise you'll never find

You have to fight and fight
fight, fight for pride, for life
for independence and rights
for liberty and the light
all they are decievers
all their world is evil
mascarade is over
let them feel your power

28 апреля 1998г. /home/