I Remember


I do remember darker times

The echoes of the painful cries

The warriors perished by the sword

The demons summoned from beyond

I never did what others wanted

All I have had is my beloved

Empyrean of her blue eyes

Alluring flames of fired hairs

The reigning beauty of my heart

Then she was full of radiant love

We've drowned in vortex of our lust

We opened up the doors of time

Therefore by heavens we were stopped

My bride, my angel was abducted

Her farewell kiss was slowly fading

Till death took her last breath away


Forever, all I had is gone

I stayed in the greatest realm alone

Sometimes methought outthere I heard

Her calling voice and whispering words


It used to make me cry or sing

And those songs made heaven ring

I'm on the edge of infinity

To join the perpetuity

I've always been waiting for you

To finish what we were going to do

I will help you to reach the point

Of climax. You can not avoid it

So long I've waited for this day

To see again thy beautiful face

From everlasting thou wast mine

The Queen of my heart, my soul and mind



I can't believe can it be you?

You don't remember , but I do

You are the woman that I loved

Through all these years. Wouldn't you like

To be so loved and so adored

I need you back fo'e'emore

I will take you to be my wife

Just say thou lovest me and be mine


My perfect woman be with me

My precious, thou wast betrothed to me

So take thy regal ring and crown

To reign. And leave this world behind

I offer thee the deep of love

Remember, look through the veil of time

How dark the nights without the stars

Which we ignited with our lust

Remember, I was born for thee

You always was my only love

I idolized the things you touched

I love thee ever so much, too much

It can't be withered with time

'tis paramount thing in my life

Thy image makes my soul fly

Regain the fire of your love.




14 мая 2000