Travel (Astral Sleep)


It is a deeper kind of slumber

My spirit flies in the astral sleep

I thought about good and evil

I see now things that was unseen

I hear the voices of the shadows

The voices of the blinding light

within my head the spirits whisper

They're calling me to step outside

They've shown me every of their secrets

That hide behind the dismal veil

So what is good and what is evil?

'tis hard to decide and make it right

I am not dead, I am just dreaming

But I'm unable to return

My concious is in the long journey

And year for year I sleep on

I've seen the flames forever burning

The inextinguishable flames

That gleam within the raven darkness

I've felt with fear its power surge

I've seen the lucid argent moonlight

I've felt a fever of cold rays

Celestial, serenity land

Seductive, elusive pulchritude

No one could ever recognize it

It can't be seen by anyone

I'm far beyond I'm so profound

None could realize what I've done

Sometime I'll finish this daring travel

I know not how I know not why

I know not what it will be after

And would it be the right way

The flight between light and darkness

Who's able to set me on right path

The only thing I can be sure of

I'll never be like was before

So rare the truth in a lifetime

So frequently just lying words

who knows what is right decision

Could it be something in between

I am nowhere and everywhere

from where no traveler returns

I wish to stay here forever

herewith redemption I long for

It seemed to be the greatest trial

I am balancing on the edge

I follow the way of my exile

I volunterly gave myself

Now I presume I'm understanding

The way my life's supposed to be

as one together light and darkness

eternal circle from my dream

The astral sleep I do belong now

I go alone across the out lands

to the unknown misty ways that

lies on the edge tween life and death


8 января 2000г