Secret Desire


In flames of love I do burn deep inside

So very deep in cage my trembling heart

Enchained, trapped, restricted aghast hart

Love-sick, love-lorn, in dire need of help

I only wish to feel thy body nigh

I pray thee leave thy throne of the sky

And let me feel ascending over me

This loneliness I can no longer bear

I want to touch thy velvety light skin

I want to feel thy rose-colored lops

I want to kiss thy golden waves of hips

I want to nestle my face against thy breast



In darkness burns thy hair fire-colored

Embodyment of my secret desire

Coming into bloom a rose of fire

Perfection of beauty and timeless pain of dying

you took my soul and my mind and my body

I hail the queen of my secret desires

I love thee more than life I know it's strange

take me as I am for I shall not change


I'm still alone. The sun still shines in high

Yonder mist covered dells meet beclouded skies

Fro where the wind errant .. like a gale

I want to drown in whirl of thy red hair

Thou art so high and scan me from above

Behold thou I am full of love

But in a gloaming so deep underneath

I still believe on though you took my breath




Please heed my prayers and respond my plea

Send me a sign, send me awe and pain

Bring me disaster, I yearn for a change

Henceforth thou hold'st the key of my cage

and whatsoe'er thou dost fo'e'ermore

Thenceforth I'll love thee more and more and more

My glistening star in twilight shrouded heaven

hate me or love me, I'm thy slave forever


7 апреля 2000