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Incubus Song


                     “Only evil dreams you'll find

                      Evil demons by their side”



I always wait for you to fall asleep

I am the evil that you really fear

When the light surrenders to obscurity

The moon beam to your white clean bed leads me

I am your nightmare ,the demon of the lust

I turn the throne of your god to dust

I can blaspheme and sin before the cross

I will be laughing in the day of wrath

You cannot hide, I dwell within your mind

Do not resist 'tis better to resign

Moreover, now you've reached the fertile age

And Nature calls you out to leave your cage

At times you look at men with longing eyes

Occasionally can't even realize

More often than not it can be subdued

But nightly I'm your God you can't refuse


I have polluted your saint innocence

I rape your pure thoughts, defile light dreams

Nightlong I can possess you while you sleep

I am the darkest part of your reverie

I make you cry, I make your body wet

the smell of passion and the taste of flesh

I can possess you till the break of day

I'll make you always long for my black way

For this effect I turn your body on

To wake your soul that I want most of all

You'll be possessed by passion and lust

You'll climb up high and never reach the sky

Saint virgin you will be the demon's bride

You will conceive in your womb a dark child

A growing burthen that arose in sin

You broke up the seal of secrecy


Deny the cross and all you've learned before

I want you to remove it from my home

And ne'er to get it in this place again

I am your lord now, my shrine is your bed.

Forbidden pleasures, one of mortal sins

Forget it all, thenceforth do anything

Forget and fall into lillith's embrace.

The daylight power slowly ebbs away


The Dark world' dreaming till the time has come

Dream demons come out from it every night

There's more to this they can dwell in your mind

Where ever you run to, you can not hide.


15 мая 2000