Wind's Daughter


Thou was born to be free

This narrow world's not for thee

't doth make worms of us all

doomed forever to crawl

in the dirt we slowly rot

Deep down in the mud

Rust in peace in the must

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Break thy chains spread thy wings

Fly up high with the winds

Anon I see you flying up there

smiling and breathing clearest air

enjoy the freedom you've waited so long

the azure sky where thou dost belong

empyrean vast belongs to thee

the child of freedom, daughter of the wind


fly away, fly away

without any delay

fro this world that decays

to the sky and sun rays

fly skywards to fresh air

to be not suffocated

One of us shall be saved

And for thee I shall pray


9 ноября 1999г