Hate Me


Scared ones close your eyes, shut your ears listen not to me

I'm the pest, bloody spot on white face you have to hate me

I'm the glow of the fire of the truth you need not to know

I'm pervert, I defile, I'm what you have to get rid of

Hate me


In the eye of the winds I revolt to perceive the truth

Speaking of, asking why, trying to, to find out the proof

God denied refugee I'm not hide, I let my evil out

I reverse all around , I'll destroy everything you love

Hate me


Mother tell your children not to hear, to stay away from me

Isolated and rejected I will teach them not to obey

Did you think I'll be dumb? How could you be so naive

Turn away the scared one I'm the evil, I am what you fear

Hate me


Hate me fool, fear me! Take the things to be not explained

I want to understand how the blind can lead us the way

And I want to believe, to know why you still stay aside

Kill me if that is all you can give, suffocate my voice.

Hate me.