The way I see may make your mind insane

The way I feel may make you wish to die

Alack! You'll never get the way

I live 'cause our ways are never to collide


I see dull-faces waltz before my eyes

Dim silhouettes rise around and subside

The endless stream of figures passing by

They're looking thru with nothing-seeing eyes

A soulless crowd on its own side

Demented people in their own worlds

There is no one to here as I cry

There is no one to see the way I go

Among the living confined to loneliness

I only wish to love and to be loved

To pour out passion of my rigid heart

This breed reduces my life to absurd


Grey masses with no purpose, with no fate

Society of thousands lonely hearts

Disfigured souls in accident called life

Reduced, resigned, devoid of dreams and hopes

My heart is bleeding there's no one who cares

I feel the pain it means I'm still alive

I cut my skin lest I become like them

Unable to revive, to laugh and cry


I want to see the feeling morning light

When darkness fades and birds at matins are

To wash my face in tears of the skies

To share the air I breathe with one who loves

But all I see is vacuous cold eyes

Deprived of feelings, with no memories

And love I see just in my mind's eye.

life's not a stage – theater of tragedy


I shout for someone who's still alive

And cry reverberates within the walls

Just echoes of the emptiness reply

ignorance going to oblivion


Perpetual eclipse above my way

Forlorn, bereft of love forever more

Why do I live? Why don't just kill myself?

I must have died a long, long time ago


26 апреля 2000