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The Snow


Sitting lonely at the window I look through at the falling snow

And my memory takes me in those light days which I loved

Snowflakes turn into the raindrops falling down on your face

And remembrances in my mind make me feel the pain.


Through the snow I see the spring nights, countless times I trusted you

We were walking by the river and I thought your words was true.

I forgot that we're just actors playing roles on a stage

But a tragedy like that one I have never seen before


I have always thought that stories I heard never could be real

Life has tricked me for I can see some things were ever concealed

Dance of masks turning around, playing own games of life

People play till curtain's down, when all is said and done.


Days like chapters in the book of being till the final act

Looking through the snow I feel like I am coming to an end

I have never met the truth in lifetime As a distant light

'twas just shining brightly out there behind artificial smiles


Dying lonely I feel sorrow , disappointment and regret

Everything I ever had I lost and now nothing left

Even you – my only love's betrayed me, I thought you different are

People are the same as one, as like as bricks within the wall


The world is cobweb of deceit and day for day the show goes on

Lie is all around, it buries my faith under this white snow.

All I want is to believe But I can not trust anymore

Far and wide all I see is only the white deceptive snow.


11 декабря 2000