Knight's Destiny 


I. I am the knight
Throughout my life I ride and fight
King. Lord of my world
Has blessed my sword and sent me to war
Win. e'en if I win
I can not be with the woman I need
For us, I have to fight
In the name of king until I die

Tilt yard still remember all my wins
My charger looks for battlefields
I spill the blood, I burn the lands
Not God's nor King's name I do proclaim
I deify the name of love
I glorify my queen of heart
I dedicate my wins to her
My life and everything I do

Run, my enemies
Now you can see the name upon my shield
Let, let them who hath
understanding, read the sign of death
Die, Die everyone
For the glory of my ladylove
I, I bring her name
On my lance's point into heathen lands

Fall down on thy knees before the Queen
Or die for the glory of her, be it so!
Gods! Bless my sword, support me in the way I go!

29 октября 1999г ТЭЦ5