You're standing by my side

Our ways do not collide

You spoke I was your friend

But this words was in vain


I'll always be alone,

The day when I was born

Foreordain my destiny

This is my way to be


You listen to my words

But different are our thoughts

You can not comprehend

It is too high to get

You always say I'm right

And ever you say "Aye"

But never just ask "Why?"

You didn't ever fight


Who will need empty words

Within the fire of the war

When wanted just the strength

You didn't feel the pain


You can talk showing wrath

I know you disapprove

But everything you say

Can't stop it for a day


'cause only blood is true

'cause only pain is real

'cause only death is the cure

And only pain I feel


Just listen till I die

You'll never change your mind

You'll always be the same

Someday you'll curse my name


Nobody waits for me

Nobody cares for me

My lonely destiny

My only way to be


Nobody waits for me

Nobody cares for me

There's no one who needs me

Alone. While I breathe.


24 мая 2000