It seems like yesterday we were just ten

We ran and played felt happiness this way

We didn't know the uttermost distress

Disappointment, despised love, heartache.


It seems like yesterday we were sixteen

We're troubled 'bout problems now we laugh

It used to make us feel both love and hate

Into the life with time we were drawn in


If we could for a time come back in there

Why childhood ends? Why so fast we grow?

What for we being children want to mature

And now want to regain the blissfull age


Youth passed me by and just in memory

Perpetuated is. Remembrance sweet

In this world of an ordure and filth

In funereal days so needful is


But after all these years the light fades out

It has forsaken me fo'e'ermore

Bright image's gone and never to come back

I can't be certain now that a child I was


Perhaps I was not, now I don't know

Betimes my childhood has come to an end

Is it too hard for me to be immortal?

Day after day 's the same like a day before


This gray existence full of emptiness

It could be colored with the memories

I wish I was a child in his own world

But second chance can not be given anymore

20 мая 2000