Lie Is All Around


"вы по видимому привыкли к лицам на которых играет улыбка -

к истинным ристалищам лжи. Истина сурова сударь.”

Стендаль «Красное и Черное»


Do not you see the whirl of masks around

Deceptive dreams, light hopes are obscured

And every one plays the role on a stage

Who's to divide the mask from real face


All is false from beginning to an end

You lie so much so even believe yourself

And when you die there'll be the only truth

Wouldn't you like to know that you're excused


Whom to believe if you can't trust yourself

Don't look at me , you'll never live this way

Don't ask me why, your future's in your hand

And words of truth will echoes in your head


There's got to be the more than endless lie

What you believe in when look at the skies?

Do you believe the words what now you speak

Who are you now man standing on the brink


Once lied you sink into the darkened thoughts

I know you fear. Lie's pleasant, the truth hurts

One lie the more, one lie the less, you thought

One after one you put bricks in a wall


You speak in accordance with what you see

What do you see through this web of deceit?

Look at the mirror and tell me what is there

Can you still tell your true self from the mist?


Can you recall your face that lies behind

to fill the pale reflection with a light

Would not you like to speak what really think

with no fears to fight and to defeat


The only thing stops millions like you

The color of the truth with blood-red hue

it's getting to you so scared to live this way

And there you lie to never rise again


19 апреля 2000