​When I look into your face

I can read my epitaph

Without fear till I die

I will laugh into your eyes

I can read my epitaph

in the skies above my head

in staring eyes around me

in refulgent drops of rain.


I've to contempt for human race

carrying its cross to Calvary

I know tomorrow I'll be damned

They hate and fear me till I die

Because I dare to fly too high

In gloomy waters I dive too deep

With no admission look too far

I've seen too much, I know too much

In turmoil are the minds dismayed

Prepared for striking blow of death

Slaves divinizing the master's sword

Their borrowed thoughts are beyond them


They want to regain the blissful seat

Which none has ever before seen

They're coming onwards looking back

Beheading prophets, burning saints

They wait for coming of their lord

The second time, the judgement day

Because they do not even suspect

That god was killed by them again

Again he died unrecognized

They still wait for the day that's gone


They'll never see the world my way

All I endeavor – a waste of time

They do not doubt, not reason why

They go straight looking through me


Endearing smiles of hypocrites

Perfidious, beguiling masks

I know what their words imply

I'm marked by death but I laugh


Deseased minds are black enough

Delirious souls can't see the light

They follow the guiding hand of god

Write on the wall my epitaph


No doubt they lead us to the dream side

Believe in god, believe the lie

Lost paradise we'll never find

When dreams come true we all shall die


You want to send me to the grave

I hear a woeful cry of heaven

And raindrops falling from above

Are writing sadly my epitaph


30 апреля 2000