The Red And The Black


We see the world in own way

And differently we see the same

'cause every man have his own mind

His own thoughts, his world inside

And everyone see all around

Just in accordance with his heart,

Emotions, feelings, senses, dreams.

He gives a loose to what's in the deep

I hope you'll find the one who see

The world your way, this is ideal

Relate to me your darkest dream

Don't be afraid, I'm a has-been

What do you see when look at me

A lonely friend of misery

Who always in seclusion lives

Or cursed and banished cast away?


I see the night you see the dark

I see the moon you see the stars

I see the sun you see the light

I see the sky you see the hight

I call it Nature, you call the Earth

I am in rapture, you feel the mirth

The same things look differently

Because through different eyes we see


What would you lay upon my head

The crown of thorns or the rose-wreath

Just tell me what do you represent

I'll never punish you for this

What do you see before your eyes?

The world you have to overcome

Undreamtof glamors of the sky

or embers fire in the night

Impassioned love and moonlight ride

The melancholic slumberous tide

Excitement, Beauty, witchery

Or perdurable great deceit

a dance of puppets on the strings

No fate. The turn of the karmic wheel

The lost man with a need to believe

Be honest, tell me what you see.


13 мая 2000