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Don't Resist


«Любите врагов ваших, благословляйте проклинающих вас»

Евангелие от Матфея


A blind witness carry the burden

Condign mark of bondage you wear

The cross around you neck. And you fear

To speak, to ask, to see and to hear

Always in fear of nemesis

Yet never trying to reason why

You're smiling with the dirt on your knees

Expose another cheek to a blow

Do not resist and carry your load

And never rise your head to the sky

Pray for the ones who try to harm

A coward calling a weakness – virtue

You call the things that you bereft of

The sins. You are afraid and jealous

You readily take the way from above

You voluntarily wearing your chains

Fly to a distant light to be deceived

Do not resist, do what your father said.

You preach the things you do not understand

Your ears are deaf and your eyes are vague

Do not resist and you'll be immolated

And bless the ones who will nail your hands

Don't resist, rest in peace with your fears

29 апреля 2000